Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Entire Life a Fraud?

I wrote the following to one of our fellow Moho Bloggers. One of his friends let me know he wasn't comfortable with my linking to his post, so I've removed that link from this post and from the list of blogs I'm publicly following. 

"Thanks for sharing such an intense post. I related to some of your statements because they recalled the black and white, either/or thinking I did quite a bit of when I was suicidally depressed.

In your post I saw words like: all, gone, anymore, lost all my faith, didn't try, I guess I lied to myself, too late, I don't think that I'll ever be happy.

I remember thinking my entire life had been a fraud and that anything good I'd done was an illusion. Now of course, I realize my black and white thinking was the cause of most of my pain.

To me one of the greatest things in your post was this admission: I even thought that I had a light feeling, one time. I thought that I felt His arms, a love, a peace, a release.

In my opinion you did feel these things and you can feel them again, even right now. Our Savior's love is unconditional, right now, for you and me and everyone else on the planet. One of my favorite hymns is Our Savior's Love and how it breaks through clouds of stife.

So much for my soap box."