Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving thoughts

things I'm thankful for:
home, health, hearth, heart, help, hunger, Harvey
equality, the ideal of it, anyway; entertainment

questions, quality, qualifications
understanding, unity
inspiration, insulation, instructions, ink
creeks, cats, children, cheese, classics, Christ
kindness, Keith, kites, kits, kitchens

brothers, Bravone, Beck, beauty, beards, being bi
room, rest, recreation, responsibilities, records
opportunties, offerings, October
wife, wealth, weather, wisdom, wonder, winning
nurturing, negatives, nesting, nature, noses, news, newspapers, Natasha & Borris

fire, firemen, frugality, fruit, felines, food, fabric, fun, frivolity, February
order, orders, ordervs spelled incorrectly
x-rays, xerography

joy, jumping, jelly, Jello, January, John, Jonathan, June, July
us, US, USA, the former USSR
music, musicals, museums, "the muse", May, milk, milkshakes, MILK, movies, Mormonism
priorities, power, positives, Panguitch, Provo, Parley P. Pratt, Parley's Canyon, priesthood
swimming, success, sunshine, sunsets, sunrise, sons, sons-in-law, September, Scott

organs, organic approaches, organisms, orgasm, organization, organizations
virtue, virility, value, verbs, valiance, My Funny Valentine
eating, Evan, entertaining, experiencing, email, estrogen,
Robert, relationships, reality, returning, reuniting, Ricardo, radio, revelation

trips, tanks, Tchaikovsky, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, testosterone
halls, humor, Halloween, Holy Ghost, hearing, Howard, "oh my heck", heart monitors
Edison, electricity, electronics, Ed, Eve, Ella, Ethan, envelopes, enter key, entrances

love, Las Vegas, lakes, liver function, Les Miserables, luck, light, lighting, lightning
atomosphere, atoms, Adam, August, April, Abe
zones, zip codes, zippers, zero
youth, yielding, yesses, yellow, yearning, years

Dustin, David, Doug, dice, deliverance, delight, decisions, decision-making
otters, others, orange, oranges, oral hygiene
Gabriel, guys, gays, gay guys, goodness, grace, Google, guts, glory, gates, grates, grapes