Sunday, December 14, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - Three Factors

Me: Mibes, you’re back. I’m glad to see you.
Mibes: I’m glad to be back and to see you. How are you?
Me: In need of a hug. 
Mibes: (hugs me tightly) Done! 
Me: And you, how are you, how was your meeting?
Mibes: Just a meeting. I’d rather have been with you. 
Me: Well the break did give me a chance to think about the paradox of less being more. I’ve waited years for a friendship like ours. Was the scarcity of a reciprocal friendship part of what makes this so welcome?
Mibes: Maybe, but I think everyone needs a real friend. Not just the fair-weather kind. Not just the Facebook variety. 
Me: I’m guessing not to many Facebook friends will be willing to meet you for breakfast. 
Mibes: Depends on their love of morning, and breakfast and the person.
Me: And a not liking anyone of the three could be enough to kill the idea.
Mibes: Fortunately in your case, I happen to love mornings and breakfasts.
Me: Thanks, so much!
Mibes: Speaking of mornings, how are you doing on the early-to-bed, early-to-rise regimen?
Me: It’s coming along slowly. I feel like I’m inching closer to before 11:00 at night and before 6:00 in the morning.
Mibes: You could track the actual times. 
Me: I could. And I will. And I can also look for supportive ideas.
Mibes: You could. (taps a search into his phone)
Me: Of course I can expect you to help me get started. 
Mibes: “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”  Attributed to Ted Turner.
Me: I like it. 
Mibes: Well go find some more ideas and track your times and let me know.  
Me: (hugging Mibes) I’ll do that. Love you, Mibes!
Mibes: Love you more.