Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Year Blogiversary

One year ago today I launched this blog with faith that it would lead somewhere positive.

Now I'm so grateful I did. Thanks to all who have reached out to me in friendship.
Exactly what's ahead I'm not sure, but year one has been a great start.

Yes, you matter. Yes, we'll read. Yes, we'll comment. I've receieved so many yesses.
Each entry, each photo, each response--they do all add up.
A few stats: 68 posts, 205 comments; 750 profile views.
Reaching out has its rewards.

But numbers aside,what have I learned and gained? So many things, gifts, qualities:
Learning, leading, leaning, loving, laughter
Opportunities, organizations, organizing
Giving, getting, gladness, growth, gain, Gaga (Lady)
Introspection, illumination, improvement, involvement
Variety, virtue, villification, vision
Energy, enthusiasm, entertainment
Record keeping, realism
Seeking, solving, straight thinking ;)
Amazing, creative, kind, loving men, women and children
Recreation, reading, research, revolution
Yielding and yearning.