Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rules: The Bad, the OK, and the Wished For

April Theme: The Rules

Old rules that should continue to die - "the bad"
  • If you're gay, do all you can to hide it.
  • If you can't be heterosexual, fake it until you make it.
  • If you marry a woman, the gay will go a way.
  • If you marry a woman and the gay doesn't go a way, then it's somebody's fault.
  • You would be better off dead than gay.
  • All touch is sexual, so don't touch anyone but your spouse.
Existing rules that do apply - "the OK"
  • If you are suicidally depressed, get professional help.
  • If you marry someone and have children, make them a high priority.
  • Care for yourself so you'll be able to care for your loved ones.
New rules? - "the wished-for"
  • Not all touch is sexual. It is OK to touch others in appropriate ways.
  • Married men, whether straight or gay, can benefit from a variety of male/male friendships.
  • Marriage between a man and a woman is the heterosexual ideal, however marriage between persons of the same sex is appropriate for gay people.
  • Same sex marriage is legal throughout the United States. This law is not only good for gays, it is good for society in general.