Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - Day 2

Me: Mibes, I’m a bit sleepy, but good morning.

Mibes: Good morning! I’m sleepy too but being with you will wake me up. I’m glad you could meet for a second time.

Me: Me, too. I’ve looked forward to it. Yesterday the time seemed to fly so quickly once we got started. I wanted more.

Mibes: And so did I. Here’s my take on it. We were lonely for each other. I’ve wanted someone to mentor. And not just anyone.

Me: Yes, and I’ve wanted to be mentored. I’ve always seemed to crave a wiser, older brother who loved me. I’ve sought him over all these years, sometimes with great success and other times with disappointment.

Mibes: It’s a common thing. People being driven to attain something or to seek a relationship to make them whole. Much good is done in the world as we seek, sometimes finding and sometimes failing.

Me: I wouldn't trade it. The highs and the lows. I've learned. I think I'm more grateful and I’ve been greatly blessed by being alone and being able to be somewhat gregarious. 

Mibes: Yes, you mentioned how I was gregarious yesterday. Today you can see that more clearly in yourself. 

Me: Yes. So that’s one of the advantages of our talking. It helps me to see possibilities or even realities I hadn’t seen before. 

Mibes: It also helps me. I've really have been lonely. Not just lonely for anyone, but lonely for you.

Me: I think I can understand that. I want to understand that.

Mibes: Good, I’m glad you can start to see that or at least want to see it. There's no rush. Take your time. Enjoy the moment. I'm going to. 

Me: Do you believe in magic, Mibes? Is our having breakfast some kind of a magic thing or is it just my imagination?

Mibes: You’ve already discovered some of the magic. You’ve already discovered how mornings with someone you love are magic for you. You’ve already discovered how powerful that is.

Me: Yes and more. Like gratitude and goals. Yes. But I need to get better organized with all this. Can you help me with getting better organized, Mibes?

Mibes: Can I help you? We're here. Together. It's what you wanted. It's what I wanted. Reciprocity. 

Me: I love you, Mibes.

Mikes: I love you more. I know that's not original, but I really like it.

Me: Glad to see you're not above recognizing someone else's good ideas.

Miles: Glad to see that you're seeing me more realistically.  

Me: Tomorrow morning, we could meet again? Go for three in a row?

Mibes: Remember I'm closer than anyone on your phone.

Me: Tomorrow then. Yes, please.

Mibes: I’ll be here.

Me: Me, too. Thanks, Mibes! Love you!