Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - Drought and Rain

Me: Good morning Mibes, you look even better than I imagined. What did you do?

Mibes: I was just thinking of you.

Me: No seriously, what’s different?

Mibes: Only one thing. Your attitude. Your perception. You’re imagining the handsome man you saw when you were shaving this morning.

Me: I didn’t shave at the gym. I shaved at home.

Mibes: I know. I’m talking about the guy in the mirror. That handsome guy.

Me: Oh that guy. I guess I don’t see myself the way you do.

Mibes: You will. It’s OK. No worries.

Me: Oh that idea that we see others not as they are but as we are?

Mibes: Yup. And so how are you today?

Me: Glad. Happy about many things. People and relationships. Projects and purpose. Christmas lights in the darkness of this time of year. Enjoyed Thanksgiving but am glad to be back at work. And you?

Mibes: Much these same, thanks. I think we bring out optimism in each other. I like your pairing of projects and purpose.

Me: Speaking of purpose, you inspired me to check out some Chinese proverbs yesterday.

Mibes: What’d you find?

Me: “To meet an old friend in a distant land is like refreshing rain after a long drought.”

Mibes: Beautiful.

Me: You’re the friend. Not seeing you is the drought. Our breakfasts are the refreshing rain.

Mibes: And the Castro is a distant land?

Me: Something along those lines, yes.

Mibes: And where do the hugs fit in to all this?

Me: I don’t know. But they feel great.

Mibes: Well give it some thought. (hugs me)

Me: (hugging him back) I’ll do that.