Sunday, October 11, 2009

That You May Find an Eternal Companion

The next time you attend a Mormon baby blessing notice if the language is gender neutral. Seems to me I'm hearing a lot more blessings these days that say "We bless you that you may find an eternal companion" or "a companion you will take to the Temple" or "the love of your life" or "an eternal mate" or "a loving spouse."

Perhaps some of the language is truly inspired, and the words spoken are the will of the Lord. Perhaps some of the children now being blessed as infants will indeed find a companion who just happens to be of the same sex. Perhaps many more "great and important things" will be revealed and the church will embrace the idea expressed in the family proclamation that life "circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation".

Also along these lines, if you have a patriarchal blessing, check the wording there. Does it refer to your marriage or your union. Does it refer to your children or your loved-ones. Even though I have chosen to marry a woman and have children in the traditonal way, if find it fascinating that my own blessing uses such gender neutral references.