Friday, November 28, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - Black Friday

Me: Mibes! It was crazy getting here with all the Black Friday traffic. I’m glad you made it safely. Your smile is better than a cup of coffee to start my day.

Mibes: Thanks and good morning! You survived your Thanksgiving dinner. Congratulations.

Me: (laughter) I really did enjoy it. It’s so much more than a feast. 

Mibes: Thanks for the report. I thought you’d find it a bit different this year. Not just because of the growth in your family, but because your growth.

Me: You’re right. I was a bit more relaxed. I enjoyed the prep and the process, the people and the place. 

Mibes: There you go with the alliteration. You have too much fun with that.

Me: I do. It interests me, involves insight and intuition, introspection, intelligence, engagement.

Mibes: Enough. 

Me: Ok. I love you, Mikes. More today than yesterday.

Mibes: I’m feeling that love. I’m going to try to make better use of that feeling, that love, that energy. Isn’t it surprising how just a thought or a few words or an intention can change so much for better or worse.

Me: Well so far with you, my thoughts have been more about health than sickness, if you're going for that business about a partnership for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do you part.

Mibes: Talk, talk, talk, talk. I think you’re a bit intoxicated from your celebration. 

Me: Water was my only drink.

Mibes: Maybe your only beverage, but you drank in the color, the candlelight, the scents and smiles. It’s still in your thoughts, isn’t it? You’re still playing back some of those moments.

Me: And my moments with you. I want more.

Mibes: Might be too much of a good thing?

Me: I don’t think so. But we’ll see.

Mibes: Yes we will. Hey you didn't write about our hug yesterday.

Me: So? Just because I didn't write about it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it.

Mibes: (after a long embrace) I want to give you something to write about.

Me: You've succeeded.