Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - Forest Gumpism

Me: Mibes, I’m so glad to see you this morning. I need a hug.

Mibes: Me, too. (hug)

Me: You know how each individual is different?

Mibes: Like you and me? Worlds apart, yet enough common ground to have become good friends in very little time?

Me: Yes. But also seven billion human beings on the planet right now. Each one an individual. 

Mibes: It’s actually more than 7.2 billion, so you missed a couple of hundred million. And about 885 million are hungry and 8500 of those will die today from starvation.

Me: And here we are having breakfast and possibly creating some fodder for a blog.

Mibes: And if it does result in a blog, it will be one of more than 1,035,472 blogs published today. 

Me: Where are you getting this stuff Mibes?


Me: It’s a bit overwhelming, don’t you think?

Mibes: Depends on how you look at it. It really gets back to your point about us all being individuals. Of those 7.2 billion, there’s only one you. You can make contributions, you have made contributions, you will make contributions that no one else does. 

Me: And what could I contribute that might make any difference?

Mibes: That’s the mystery. Maybe it’s something you did years ago that contributed to something that’s already had a huge impact. Maybe it’s something you’ll do today or tomorrow or in the last hour of the last day of your life. And maybe it doesn't change the world, but makes one moment better for someone. Like the time a stranger found your lost wallet on the street and brought it to your home. 

Me: This sounds like Forest Gumpism to me.

Mibes: Didn't know there was such a thing. Maybe. 

Me: Or like the idea that our efforts are like a pebble tossed in water and we don’t see where the waves end. 

Mibes: There you go. 

Me: Along those lines, I don’t know if and when I won’t be able to meet you here each morning, but so far, in just a few days, it’s helped me start the day with a bit more optimism and purpose.

Mibes: Same for me. Yeah, so far, its worth showing up. 

Me: Tomorrow then?

Mibes: I’ll be here.

Me: Me too. And I won't be leaving today without another hug.

Mibes: (laughter) Maybe I'll wear my running shoes tomorrow and you'll have to catch me, first.