Monday, November 24, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro

Met an old friend this morning. We've seen each other in passing lately. Sometimes our eyes have met and we’ve smiled or even said hello. Early this morning we sat down together and did our best to carry on a conversation.

It started with hugs and apologies. It’s so good to see you again and then a hug. It’s been forever but also it just seems like yesterday. Another hug. I’m sorry I’ve ignored you. I’m sorry too, but its OK, I’ve ignored you, too, but here we are. Laughter and other hug.

If you could see us, you might think we’re brothers. We have similar physical features, but he’s more gregarious and looks happier. So many good qualities.

Me: I want to hear how you’ve been doing. You look great. You’ve been working out haven’t you?

Mibes: Happy to chat any time. I know how busy you are. But to answer your question, I’ve wanted to exercise more. I’ve done some, but my exercise buddy is sometimes distracted or busy. Best of intentions but a little unfocused.

Me: He’s missing out. I’d like to tell him that. I’d say, “Don’t you know who this man is? Spend all the time you can with him. He can help you like no one else.”

Mibes: You’re crazy. You know that.

Me: You’ve told me that before. Sometimes I’ve doubted you. Did I mention how good it is to see you again?

Mibes: I’m always here. Easier to reach than anyone on your phone.

Me: I know that, but then I forget.

Mibes: It’s OK. You’ll do better.

Me: Yes I will.

Mibes: I see that you’re writing some notes. Are you going to put this on your blog?

Me: You know me, pretty well, don’t you?

Mibes: You make me laugh. Sure, go ahead and post it.

Me: I’ve only made a few notes. I didn’t think about writing at first.

Mibes: Go with what you’ve got. We’ll have more conversations. I would like to see you more.

Me: Same here. We’ll stay in touch. I’ll be a better friend.

Mibes: You want to meet again tomorrow?

Me: (smiling) Yes. Let’s do it.