Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Mormon scripture silent on same sex love?

"And Moroni went to the city of Mulek with Lehi, and took command of the city and gave it unto Lehi. Now behold, this Lehi was a man who had been with Moroni in the more part of all his battles; and he was a man like unto Moroni, and they rejoiced in each other’s safety; yea, they were beloved by each other, and also beloved by all the people of Nephi." (Alma 53:2)

We are not told exactly how they rejoiced in their love, but Moroni gave Lehi a city, not a small gift. Nonetheless it is clear that these two men cared a great deal for each other, had been together a great deal in battle, were grateful for their mutual safety and joyful to be reunited with their respective "beloved."

That they we also beloved by all the people of Nephi may suggest that their affection for each other was not anything out of the ordinary, not something that was hidden from others. The scripture also contains the reference that "this Lehi...was a man like unto Moroni..." Yes, they may have been Kinsey Ones who were just dear friends (as are many straight men bonding as brothers together in war, church callings, or servitude) but they could also have been Kinsey Sixes or Threes and the narrative holds together at least as well or much, much better depending on your view. What do you think?


  1. I think it is very, very interesting, to say the least.

    I have always suspected one Book of Mormon character to be gay -- not because of any sort of romantic implications or because of any feminine traits, but because his spiritual demeanor reminds me of most spiritual gay men I know.

    I won't say who it is, though... but if you guess I'll say "yay" or "nay"

  2. Moroni, Momonism's most famous angel?

  3. I've thought of this scripture as being similar in nature to the infamous relationship between David and Jonathan (1Sam 18:1+).

    That said, I think Scott's point is well taken in his post of where he stands, that the canonized scriptures added to the Bible are mysteriously silent on this issue of homosexuality. And that modern revelation has evolved over time and continues to evolve with no clear canonized scripture to use as support.

  4. Alan: I also flashed on Enos when I considered my answer to Chedner's question. Why did you choose him?

    Beck: In that light it's interesting that there's more racism in LDS scripture than homophobia. I wonder if there will come a time, post-revelation on SGA as a normal variation, when we will teach unapologetically about David and Jonathan. Thanks as always for your comments.

  5. nay and nay; although, I would say Enos could be a likely candidate...

  6. Hey Chedner, How about the first Lehi? He frustrated his wife and kids as he tried to remain true to a higher cause. Geeze I may have to crack open my scriptures to solve this one. ;)

  7. Oops, I forgot that I didn't reply to the last guess... sorry about that.

    But... nay.

  8. If you made it this far, Jonathan, I invited your comments. ;)