Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't send him flowers

My wife enjoyed her Valentine's flowers and I enjoyed giving them to her. Several family gatherings brought much warmth to this cold three day weekend. Church was uplifting. Not a single anti-gay remark. One of my dear neighbors came over and put his arm around me as we headed home. His touch is always welcome. Such blessings of family, faith and friends. I'm a lucky man.

Of course I thought a few times about the man I love. I’ll see him today or tomorrow in the ordinary course of our work. This long-time straight friend will tell me about his weekend and I’ll tell him about mine. I’ll look for the sparkle in his eyes, I’ll hear his voice and laughter once again, I’ll see his smile and that will be enough.


  1. Enjoy the touch. Enjoy the smile. Enjoy the special friendships. No, you don't need to send him flowers, and he's not your lover, but you can still enjoy his company, his sparkle, his kindness. I don't think that's a bad thing...

    Of course, I'm more conflicted than most.

  2. I thought I might hear from you with this entry. Thanks for your support. No, he's not my lover. That's not in the cards. But yes, I think about him when I think about the people I love. We are blessed, Beck, with the ability to love broadly and deeply--our wives, our children, our family, friends and neighbors throughout the world. Yes, it causes some conflict, but it is a blessing nonetheless. When your cup runs over, it's good to have a swimming pool nearby. Like almost everything else in life, it's all a matter of how we handle it. Thanks again for commenting, and belated brotherly Valentine's best wishes to you my friend.

  3. What a great post, you said it so well. What a thrill it is to love someone in this way. If you know what I mean. I do the same. It feels me with a zest for life I would not have otherwise. I need this in my life. It is good for us. thanks for the post.