Monday, March 9, 2009

A Love That Will Never Grow Old?

I saw TMIL (the man I love) today. We spent a few minutes walking and talking just hours ago. I sometimes let myself forget just how good it is to be with him. I had work and worries on my mind when lunch time arrived early on this first Monday of daylight jumbled time. I was thinking so much about other stuff that it surprised me how grateful I was to see him, to look in his eyes, to hear his voice. I've felt this affinity for him hundreds of times during the short decade of our friendship, but it never grows old. It's wonderful and it still surprises me sometimes.

Maybe this is how his wife feels when she sees him after he's been gone. Maybe this is how he feels when they're together. What a blessing will be ours if my wife and I ever again feel even a portion of this magic. Meanwhile, TMIL is here in my life, a one-sided bromance, a good friend, a great blessing, a love I doubt will ever grow old.

Worth a listen:
The Man I Love
A Love That Will Never Grow Old


  1. I have a friend like this, he's straight and recently married and kinda broke my heart but I got over it. I saw him today for the first time in nearly a month. I raced up the stairs to where he waited with arms outstretched, and we hugged each other tightly for a moment. Wow. I floated through the rest of the evening. Lucky me. Lucky us.

  2. Man... I really need to get a new TMIL who is closer in vicinity to me. My TMILs are all somewhere else and not physically in my neighborhood anymore. Though there are emails and chats, it just isn't the same as a hug, or simply standing next to him.

    I've given this a lot of thought and this post just puts me over the top - I need a new TMIL. Do you want to share? :)

  3. Alan: You are indeed a lucky man. Thanks for sharing that image of the outstretched arms of a friend and the hug that warmed the whole day. It helped me to remember those few times when I've received or given such a hug. I need to nurture these memories rather then let them dim. Thank you!

    Beck: I suspect there are men in your ward, neighborhood and here in the blogosphere who love you, although they might not show it in the ways you would want. Of course whether you love them back is a matter of choice and chemistry. If you would like to break bread over this topic, let's do lunch or just a walk and talk. Contact me through my profile email if you like.

  4. There is no one in my ward, neighborhood or blogosphere that shows me love in the way I want. I used to have it, but it's gone.

    I'd like to talk about it, but I've "broken bread" with many in this community and in the end it's all emptiness...