Sunday, April 19, 2009

He Will Yet Reveal

In the late sixties, the Beatles released a controvesial track called Revolution #9. Until today, I hadn't thought of 9th Article of Faith as revolutionary, but today as the sun shines here in the Salt Lake Valley, as trees bud, as birds chirp, as the outdoor world returns to life, I'm encouraged that a time of great growth, renewal and progess awaits us because "We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe He will yet reveal many great and important thinkgs pertaining to the Kingdom of God."

And if things of the past are a type of things to come, revelations and statements like these come to light in a somewhat different but harmonious context: "...witnessing the faithfulness...we have pleaded long and earnestly...the Lord has made known his will for blessing all of his children throughout the earth..."

In the just completed General Conference, President Monson said, "The future is a bright as your faith." My faith in the Articles of Faith is growing stronger and on this day, at least, the future seems bright.


  1. I pray constantly that that day comes soon.

  2. Progess is being made. Take a look at this:

  3. Ned, the article you link to is gone. Do you have another address for it, or can you cut and paste it into a blog post?


  4. Looks like I lopped off the final digit which just happened to be a 9. Hmmm...

    Here are a few snippets...

    Has Being Anti-Gay Become Uncool: Dr. Laura, Rick Warren & Many Others Now Think So
    Many in the LGBT community were stunned when Schlessinger, a conservative talk show host and author, told CNN that while she’s no supporter of gay marriage, she supports same-sex relationships as a "very healthy and very positive thing." Schlessinger’s statement was a dramatic turnaround from her demeanor toward gays in 2000, when she called homosexuality a "biological error.
    Even more dramatic is Jon Huntsman Jr., the governor of Utah, which, as Frank Rich points outin an opinion column in the April 19 Sunday New York Times, is the "reddest state in the country." That didn’t stop him from endorsing civil unions.

    "We must embrace all citizens as equals," Huntsman told Rich. "I’ve always stood tall on this." He said he’s gotten nothing but praise for his position. As Rich points out, his poll numbers are astronomically high, in the mid-80s. And this in a state dominated by Mormons--the group so integral to the success of Proposition 8.

    Huntsman, a Republican, may be the future of his party. Meghan McCain, the daughter of the recent GOP candidate for president, has made gay rights and gay marriage a cornerstone of her attempts to modernize the party.