Saturday, April 4, 2009

Restoring the Confer in Conference

General Conference typically does not involve live "conferencing" (in the sense of two-way interaction) between the General Authorities and the church at large. For decades it's been a one-way broadcast, followed by a written publication, which then results in multiple post-confernece discussions between members and their families, friends, leaders, quorum members, deity. Or perhaps there is constant conferring during the process but it is spiritual and unseen.

But we are a Restoration Church and the ubiquity of the interactive web is restoring the interaction that was probably naturally integrated into the early conferences of the church which did not involve large audiences and electronic distribution.

This is all a long way of saying I like this idea from David's Facebook Wall: "David wonders about live blogging conference? or setting up an IM session for them?" Go for it David!


  1. Conference is very one-dimensional. For me, it takes quite a bit of effort to feel the dialogue with the spirit. Watching conference on television just doesn't do it for me. I do better with the radio where I have to really listen. And priesthood session tends to have more meaning as I am physically in a setting more condusive to two-way communication.

    The spirit of the singing in the priesthood session always touches me deeply. That spirit of brotherhood and the strength of male voices unified in purpose and worship triggers thoughts and feelings of two-way interaction moreso than any other.

  2. Agreed! In fact, I rarely feel the spirit any more strongly that I do when standing and singing the hymns of Zion with the brethren I've lived here in my neighborhood with so many years. Conference also work better for me on the radio. Especially when the weather entices me outdoors to putter around in the yard.