Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oasis in the Desert

Desert: Dry, barren, a landscape or region that receives very little precipitation.
Oasis: a fertile tract in a desert where the water table approaches the surface; a haven, a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary.

I'm grateful for both the desert of challenges and the oasis of friendship, family, and loved-ones. I'm grateful that when I was a teenager, a child was conceived in a desert far from my home. He grew to manhood. Served a mission. Fell in love. Married his sweetheart. Together they brought amazing children into this world. And then one blessed day our paths crossed and a friendship grew. It continues to grow. It continues to confound me. It is an oasis in a desert.


  1. "And then one blessed day our paths crossed and a friendship grew..."

    How fortuitous and blessed you are to have your paths crossed with his. Friendship is a priceless blessing. I am anxious to learn how this friendship of yours will continue to grow and to confound you. Isn't that a wonderful thing to ponder and anticipate?

  2. Yes Beck, it certainly is! I also wonder what will become of our friendship and how it will continue to change me.

    In the early years, he would go on vacation and I would think, that's it. He'll come back and it will be over. But vacation after vacation he has returned and our friendship has resumed. I've become more trusting, less paranoid, more secure, more comfortable in my own skin because he is comfortable in his.

    Long before we met I drew encouragement from the lyrics of Stephen Sondheim:

    Could be
    Who knows?

    There's something
    due any day
    I will know right away
    Soon as it shows

    It may come
    cannonballin' down
    through the sky
    Gleam in its eye
    Bright as a rose!

    Who knows?

    It's only just out of reach
    Down the block, on a beach
    Under a tree

    I got a feeling
    there's a miracle
    Gonna come true
    Coming to me

    Could it be?
    Yes it could
    Something's coming
    Something good
    If I can wait

    Something's coming
    I don't know what
    it is
    But it is
    Gonna be great!

    With a click
    With a shock
    Phone'll jingle
    Door'll knock
    Open the latch!

    Something's coming,
    don't know when
    But it's soon
    Catch the moon
    One handed catch

    Around the corner
    Or whistling down the river
    Come on - deliver
    To me

    Will it be? Yes it will
    Maybe just by holding still
    It'll be there!

    Come on,
    something, come on
    Don't be shy
    Meet a guy
    Pull up a chair

    The air is hummin'
    And something
    great is coming
    Who knows

    It's only just
    Out of reach
    Down the block, on a beach
    Maybe tonight
    Maybe tonight
    Maybe tonight

    That "tonight" happened on lunch hour almost twelve years ago. My life hasn't been the same since.