Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Short, Powerful Film

I don't remember how I got to this. It may have been through links from someone in this community. If so, I thank you.


  1. It is powerful, and very sad. It makes me wonder if he ever was able to live the life he wanted to live? Or did he leave it all in the closet - and in the end, remained alone and helpless, only to see joy and hope in others, never "knowing" such things himself?

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  3. Here's an alternative explanation:

    As many in his generation and mine, the old man was sufficiently
    bisexual that he was able to marry and raise a family and find a great
    deal of happiness and enlightenment in his life, even though his SGA
    never went away.

    The little girl who comes around the corner to tie his shoe is his granddaughter. She is the daughter of his gay son who
    is happily married to his same sex partner, who is the son of the
    other boy in the closet scene, who also grew up to marry but never saw
    his SGA fade either.

    Now both of the old mens' female spouses are dead and they are now married to same sex partners as are their sons. They all live
    together in the old house. So athough the old man grew up in a
    time when gay marriage was not possible, he lived to see changes and he lived to reconnect with his childhood freind.

    He seems confused
    because he has Alzheimer's disease. But he is well cared for his
    family, including the spouse who is the love of his life.

  4. Wow... I ran to the pessimistic and you embraced the optimistic. I like your vision's outcome better than mine. Thanks.

  5. Of course, my dear Beck, it takes multiple viewpoints to understand and make progess in the real world. I think you saw reality and I contorted things to force it into a happily ever after. I do love watching this mutliple times. I keep noticing small details. The old man and his child of the past both have the same moles on their faces. Take another look or two and see what jumps out for you. I'm curious about what you see.