Friday, July 24, 2009

Curious Gus

Just took the GUS survey and encourage Utah gay and bisexual men to take it as well, and spread the word:
Note: You don't have to be sexually active to take this survey. ;p


  1. I don't live in Utah, I live in Texas. I feel jilted - I'm a victim of Texophobia :)

  2. I know where you live, Abe. :) Just for fun, I think all Mohos regardless of where they live should take the survey. If this survey's software isn't smart enough to know you're not in Utah, well then too bad for them. :) Plus there's stuff in there that relates to your last entry. Jump in and see if the software will let participate.

  3. OK, because you asked nicely, I took the survey :)

    It did have questions asking if I've ever lived in Utah (no) and my zipcode (I made one up that is close to mine, but not exact). So, they may toss out my responses.

    It isn't a very well thought out survey. For example, it doesn't address being closeted. I had to answer "never" to all of the discrimination related questions. People aren't discriminating against me because I'm gay - because they don't know I'm gay.

  4. I took the survey but like Abelard, I didn't feel like they were looking for someone like me to respond. But, as I was taking it, I thought it would be good for them to know that someone like me was out here in Utah, even though their questions imply that a gay guy like me who is a gay-virgin, who does not use drugs or alcohol, and who has a monogamous relationship with my wife, doesn't exist.