Sunday, October 11, 2009

That You May Find an Eternal Companion

The next time you attend a Mormon baby blessing notice if the language is gender neutral. Seems to me I'm hearing a lot more blessings these days that say "We bless you that you may find an eternal companion" or "a companion you will take to the Temple" or "the love of your life" or "an eternal mate" or "a loving spouse."

Perhaps some of the language is truly inspired, and the words spoken are the will of the Lord. Perhaps some of the children now being blessed as infants will indeed find a companion who just happens to be of the same sex. Perhaps many more "great and important things" will be revealed and the church will embrace the idea expressed in the family proclamation that life "circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation".

Also along these lines, if you have a patriarchal blessing, check the wording there. Does it refer to your marriage or your union. Does it refer to your children or your loved-ones. Even though I have chosen to marry a woman and have children in the traditonal way, if find it fascinating that my own blessing uses such gender neutral references.


  1. My blessing specifically says that I WILL find a daughter of God and WILL be sealed to her and our children for eternity IF I remain worthy. So there's a big "IF." I'm not sure how worthy "worthy" means. I mean, I'm still holding a temple-recommend, but I'm far from perfect. How close to perfect does the Lord want me to be before I can marry? What does it mean to be worthy? (the preceding were rhetorical questions)

    Interesting post, Ned.

  2. After many years of it being buried in a box with the rest of my mission stuff mine says that that I will find a girl who is a member of the church that is just right for me, and we will be married and sealed in the temple blah, blah.

    After trying to do it the "church's way" and being married I couldn't lie to myself any more. My gay seems to be here to stay.

  3. Mine is completely gender-neutral when it talks about my "companion".

  4. this was our insight yesterday to the family proc;
    "How about the theme in primary this month. The family, a proclamation to the world - Marriage between a man & woman is ordained of GOD! MH pointed out the loop hole at the end of the paragraph. "Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation." Could this be the OUT clause so many have searched for?"

    It's the "other circumstances" that interests me...

  5. Mine definitely used female gender terms... Hmmm. :/

  6. "other circumstances" leaves the door open, but I doubt the Brethren were referring to SSA/SGA as an "other circumstance".

    As for my blessing... definitely female gender terms referring to my wife as "a young lady". I love the promise: "great will be your love for each other". And so far, it has worked.

    As for the photo: Yippee! I love it. So much being said there. Thanks. :)

  7. Beck, congrats you're the first one to comment on the photo. I like it because both men have their clothes on. That creates some mystery. Are they lovers or just friends? Straight guys clowning around for the camera, or maybe guys in MOMs (mixed orientation marriages) just expressing some chaste affection for each other? Could their wives be on the other side of the camera, egging them on?

    Or maybe it's not so chaste. We don't know what's going on below the belt, again some mystery. Maybe the guy with the smile is plotting to throw his friend to the ground an wrestle with him until he cries for mercy.

    What does the photo say to you?