Saturday, March 13, 2010

Early in April, Part 2

(continued from here)

Their first face-to-face meeting brought a new intensity to their online chats. Both men sought to actively define a friendship that would lead to growth rather than something that would end in disappointment or worse.

Arie: Why can't it be a win-win-win? That's what I want. For you, for me, for our loved-ones.

Kade: I'd love that. Something that can be looked upon as an example that everything doesn't have to end in disaster.

Arie: I'm going to re-read some of Carol Lynn Pearson's Circling the Wagons. I want to affirm to myself that this is a positive kind of pioneering.

Kade: But do you really believe that can happen?

Arie: I would not do this if I didn't think there was a good chance of success. Nonetheless, there are risks. It's a work in progess. How do you see it in terms of risk vs. reward?

Kade: If there were no risk, there would be no alarms going off. But, if there were no risk, it wouldn't be worth it. Sometimes it takes risk to learn and grow. I'm not here to do anything that will destroy eternity. But, I do feel there is something to learn by being open to one another.

Arie: That makes sense to me and yet there is the possibility that despite our resolve boundaries will shift. We both seen it happen here in the stories of others.

Kade: I will not betray those I love. And I know you won't. And talking about it keeps it in the open. Or are we playing with fire and fooling ourselves?


  1. Is it possible to really have a win-win-win, or is it all an illusion? Is there really a possible path somewhere in the middle of the all-or-nothing that others are taking?

  2. If not illusion, certainly illusive. Of course you can take a Clintonian view that it all depends on how you define "win". If you define it as continuous bliss, then a win-win let alone a win-win-win is unlikely. If you define winning as a partly cloudy mix of sun and occasional storm, then it's a bit more possible. My question: Should Kade and Arie even try for such a thing given that conventional wisdom says it's impossible?

  3. Nothing is impossible for those who don't give up.

  4. Hey, thanks for following my blog. To answer your question, having a goal is always a good thing.