Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Year Blogiversary

One year ago today I launched this blog with faith that it would lead somewhere positive.

Now I'm so grateful I did. Thanks to all who have reached out to me in friendship.
Exactly what's ahead I'm not sure, but year one has been a great start.

Yes, you matter. Yes, we'll read. Yes, we'll comment. I've receieved so many yesses.
Each entry, each photo, each response--they do all add up.
A few stats: 68 posts, 205 comments; 750 profile views.
Reaching out has its rewards.

But numbers aside,what have I learned and gained? So many things, gifts, qualities:
Learning, leading, leaning, loving, laughter
Opportunities, organizations, organizing
Giving, getting, gladness, growth, gain, Gaga (Lady)
Introspection, illumination, improvement, involvement
Variety, virtue, villification, vision
Energy, enthusiasm, entertainment
Record keeping, realism
Seeking, solving, straight thinking ;)
Amazing, creative, kind, loving men, women and children
Recreation, reading, research, revolution
Yielding and yearning.


  1. Happy "Blogiversary" from me, too!

    May there be many more. I am grateful that you have blogged and become a part of my life, my friend.

  2. BRAVONE: Thanks, Bravone. Thanks also for your frequent comments here and elsewhere and for your own blog which I know is an inspiration to many including TOF (this old fart). Thanks too for sharing your testimony and the telling of the sad and the glad and all the stuff in between.

    BECK: Thanks, Beck. I'm particularly glad I was surfing around in the Moho blogosphere last year when your blog was still public. I thought, wow, there are other guys out there with long lasting MOM marriages and nearly adult children just like me. It's been and is quite a journey. Thanks for your encouragement, example and friendship!

  3. Ned, your awesome! Your posts are thought provoking. They help me look at life in a new light. And it's good to know you out there. Thanks again.

  4. BROR: Thanks so much. I'm glad you find my posts of interest and similarly I'm glad you're there. Hope to meet you in person one of these times when I'm down south or you're up here in the city by the lake.

  5. Happy blogiversary. I can't wait for more.