Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moho Limericks - Give it Try

I'm a somewhat straight fellow and gay
And I'm happily married this day
Sometimes my wife sighs
She knows I like guys
But pair bonded to her I will stay

- - -

I just know you, my few but dedicated readers, can have some great fun with this format. I invite you to add your own Moho limerick as a comment to this post. Happy soon-approaching St. Patrick's day.


  1. There once was a gay from Nantucket...

  2. Okay, for real:

    A man who's attracted to guys
    Took forever to just realize
    That it was all okay--
    He was just born that way
    Now he's thrilled that he opened his eyes.

    He was worried 'bout telling his wife
    Who was still his best friend in this life
    But she took it okay--
    Knew he was born that way,
    And accepted with minimal strife.

    So they still remain very good friends,
    And who knows where this story will end?
    He will leave it to fate
    (While he goes out on dates)
    ... And that's it for these lim'ricks I've penned.

  3. There was a girl named Wanda
    who rode around on a Honda
    she ran over a bush
    and skinned her tush
    and that was the end of poor Wanda.

    (were they supposed to be gay limericks? I guess mine kind of counts- gay stereotype for gay women: ride motorcycles) :)

    happy night!

  4. love both of these, thanks!

  5. A gay fellow shoveled heavy snow
    Then for some warmth he wanted to go
    His bed looked so good
    But so did hot food
    Then to Netflix for Glee he did go