Thursday, January 19, 2012

the illusive third way

Congratulations to Beck who has been out to his wife seven years and recently had a Capraesque moment with his wife. It certainly is relevant to those in mixed orientation marriages and helps put my couple of decades of being out to my wife in perspective. 

My three decade marriage to the female love of my life is wonderful and difficult. My decade of friendship with the male love of my life is also filled with wonder and challenge. 

I have sought an illusive third way as I know Beck and many others have. Perhaps we find it without knowing it, by keeping covenants yet seeking to embrace our full identity as same gender loving men married to remarkable women, as fathers, sons, brothers and friends, as men of faith and doubt.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! You give me hope!

    And cool photo. It looks like the SL temple. Whether it is or isn't, I've got to go take that shot!

  2. It is indeed a shot from the west end of the Salt Lake Temple. Next time you're for wedding pictures, you'll have to nab it. You likewise give me hope. And speaking of Temples are spires and inspiration related?