Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shaving: Chore or Affirmation?

I quite like the idea of writing daily again. Actually daily pages as suggested in the book The Artist’s Way. The idea is to just do a mind dump first thing in the morning. I liked the idea when I read it yesterday, but I didn’t really prepare for it. I should get my laptop all set up on a clean desk with it opened to a word processing program and just be ready to ease out of bed, open the cover and go. But today I at least thought about it. I got up to pee and then while I was downstairs decided to shave, but didn’t shower. Came back up and cleaned off my desk and opened this document and here we go.

Which brings me to the question of shaving. Do you enjoy it? Why or why not? How often do you shave? How do you shave? Razor? Electric? Where and when? Before showering, after showering. In the car on the way to work? What do you think about when you shave? Do you ever look in the mirror and tell yourself, "Man I'm lucky to be alive. Lucky to have whiskers and a razor and hot water. Lucky that I don't live in the age of straight razors where I could do some major damage to this handsome mug." Do you talk to yourself and enjoy the moment in the mirror, or is a more of a chore. Sure, you're using the mirror but only to see to shave, none of this introspective, self-talk, affirmation bs. 

Oh, and to go along with the amazing Steve Walker painting, have you ever been shaved someone else or been shaved by someone else? I'll confess it's happened to me three times. Once by a nursing student who had an assignment to shave a man. I was that lucky man. And twice in a barber's chair. I did it to do it, but unless I really like the barber, probably won't do it again. 

Ok and one last thing for you, Duck. I realize I've written this from a man's point of view, but I'm also interested in the female shaving or non-shaving experience. Every once in a while I'll find a razor in the shower and know that a daughter has decided to get rid of her stubble. If you'd care to weigh in on these questions, please do. 


  1. I shower first, because my beard is so incredibly tough it needs to be softened first. I can't use an electric - they just don't work on me. I use a gel-based shaving cream, then shave it off very carefully using my ridiculously expensive Gilette shaving cartridges. Even with 5 blades in each razor, my beard is so tough that I'm in constant danger of being nicked. The only thing I think about while shaving is doing it right so I don't draw blood. I hate shaving for these reasons, and only do it once a week if I can get away with it.

  2. Thanks for wanting my opinion, Ned. :) (I do not know if it will be an opinion even worth reading, though. But, here goes.)

    Since having two total knee replacements over the last three years, they, thankfully, took care of any need to shave the legs. I am not sure why that is- maybe with cutting into muscle, tissue and bone, it kills the hair follicles? So, I really have no opinion to offer from a woman's perspective of shaving.

    I think it would be kind of sexy to be able to shave a man's face, even as a gay woman, assuming it was not my brothers or father- that would not be so sexy, just helpful. :) Being able to look in to a man's eyes (or, maybe they would be shut for fear I would cut his neck?) and talk with him while shaving his face would be a pretty interesting and neat (?) experience. For a gay or bi man, I think that would be a bonding and maybe a little erotic of an experience to shave another man's face?

    Happy day. :)

  3. @ Neal: I do not know why, but I am surprised to hear that you have a beard. For some reason, I thought High Councilors could not have beards. I must be wrong. And, I must live in Utah. :)

  4. I often contemplate growing a neatly trimmed beard, but I'm certain it is too gray now and will just make me look older, not what I want.

    Shaving is just part of life. I don't hate it, nor look forward to doing it. I tend to go a couple of days and no one notices the stubble as it's mostly blond anyway.

    However, I do like being really smooth - something about a baby's bottom smooth feeling after a close shave!

  5. @Duck,

    Not a High Counselor any more. Just a back-bencher! LOL!

    Perhaps I should forgo shaving altogether and go for the ZZ Top look?

  6. @ Neal: I think you could make it as ZZ Neal. ;)

    How long have you not been a High Counselor?

    @ Ned: I am curious: why would you ask me, of all people, about shaving? are you trying to give me a hint about something?

  7. I guess I figured that if I didn't specifically ask for female comments, I probably wouldn't get them. So, would you have commented on your own?

  8. Probably not. ;) SO, thanks for asking- nice to be included.

  9. I don't mind shaving. I don't like the "nubs" when I don't shave.

    I have only been shaved once by another person. It was a man. It was not enchanting. It was for surgery, and my hernia was not located on my face.