Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A man crush limerick

When I feel his touch I love it much
But is it a crutch to crave this such?
I tell myself no
I will not let go
And thank God so much for my man crush

So here's a good reason to get up and get going on my day even though I dread some of the obstacles I'll face. Get up, get going, I tell myself, because you never know what small wonders any given day might bring. One of those small miracles came my way just yesterday. I was with my good friend and there was conversation, laughter, warmth, trust and even a bit of physical touch. It doesn't happen everyday, but when it does it is still magical to me, even after all these years.


  1. He is handsome. I'd have a crush on him too.

  2. You speak of being bisexual, and I'm curious about your experience of that. Sometimes it sounds like you have a real need for male intimacy that is unfulfilled as you are married to a woman. If you were in a relationship with a man instead of being married would you have the reverse need? Is this, for you, something that would always be a catch-22?

  3. Jason: The pic is not someone I know. He just reminds me of several someones.

    Anon: I didn't quite know how to respond but then my limerick writing gave me a thought or two which became a fresh blog post. But for you or anyone else landing just on this entry, here's what I wrote:

    Bi Author's Limerick

    I love my sisters and my brothers
    'Cuz I've got choices, I've got druthers
    Both loves helps me fly
    And somehow get by
    I'll credit both on my book covers

    A previous comment mentioned the catch 22 of bisexuality, that no matter which gender you're loving, there's always angst for the other. I don't deny that reality, but the upside is that there are more people to love and be loved by, if not in fact then at least in possibility.

    Now about the author stuff. What's the difference between an unpublished author and a published one? I don't think it's quite as stark as the difference between on and off. I think it's more like the difference between caterpillar and butterfly. (Thank you, Carol Lynn Pearson!) It's a matter of progression. Easy for me to say as I go to work at my day job. Ok, enough of all this positive Friday morning thinking.