Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Wishes for You

May you yearn and strive to engage with the people, places and things that will strengthen you. As you seek and find support and encouragement, may you be able to give it freely and authentically to others. May you feel loved and able to express that love to others by what you say and what you do. May you grow in your ability to integrate your knowledge and experience, creativity and intuition, serving and being served, loving and being loved, seeking answers and questions.

May you discover again as if for the first time that you paint, you create, from a large pallet of many colors and many shades of gray. May you find beauty in the pallet and the world around you and the works you have in progress.

If it sometimes seems that there is more longing than belonging, more giving than getting, more sadness than joy, may you accept these realities as seasons that change. May you be grateful for all the seasons of your life, knowing that spring will follow the sometimes frozen moments of winter, knowing that fall will follow the sometimes oppressive heat of summer. And may you find seasons of relief and restoration in each day, if only imagined and if only for a few minutes or moments.

These wishes may not fit for you today or ever. They don't always fit for me. But to me they offer hope for what may be. I hope they may also bring vision and solace to you.


  1. That was so very beautiful and poignant.

  2. Thanks, Duck. Wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are poised for a delightful spring.

  3. "...there is more longing than belonging, more giving than getting, more sadness than joy". So true that life feels like that sometimes.

  4. Thank you, I am enjoying spring, just letting the snow fall off my Duck back... :)