Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - A Thanksgiving Plan

Mibes: Good morning, you made it!

Me: Good morning, so did you!
(long embrace)

Me: How are you feeling this morning?

Mibes: I feel energetic, thanks. I got off to a slow start. It was hard to roll out of bed this morning, but I made it. Got up and moving. Glad to be alive. Glad to be here with you. And you, how’s your morning?

Me: Similar. To be honest, I thought for just a moment that I wouldn’t show, or you wouldn’t--that three breakfast dates in a row might be a bit much. But that was easy to dismiss.

Mibes: Wow, you too. I’d also imagined that you might not show. (laughter) But I dismissed it as a crazy thought.

Me: (laughter) You do seem to know me.

Mibes: And I’m glad to know you. I look into your eyes and I just feel this connection.

Me: It’s the same for me. The eye connection is strong. But I also feel it from your voice, the hugs, the smile.

Mibes: Agreed. It’s multidimensional. Changing the subject a bit, what are thoughts about the holidays?

Me: Mixed feelings. I’ll certainly enjoy Thanksgiving. I love the combination of family and food and that it’s just not drawn out for a month. And that’s the downside of Christmas. Just too long. Sometimes it feels like a marathon.

Mibes: Could you change something?

Me: (smile and laughter) I was just thinking about that. What if I got up, what if we got up every morning in December. To meet here. To extend this conversation?

Mibes: (also laughing) I wondered if you’d propose that. It sounds good. Like I said, I’ve been lonely. And not just any garden-variety of needing more contact with people in general. The contact I need is with you. 

Me: Wait a minute, I thought I was the needy one here. That I needed you far more than you needed me.

Mibes: Guess again. It’s the reciprocity thing again. I need you as much as you need me. Maybe more.

Me: Aw, Mibes. You’re so easy to love.

Mibes: As are you. Maybe not for everyone, but for me.

Me: What do you mean not for everyone?

Mibes: (laughter) Hey I’ve got to be on my way.

Me: Me, too. You sure you want to do this tomorrow on Thanksgiving morning?

Mibes: I’m sure. But it’s OK if you change your mind. Just let me know. But I think we should plan on it. I will plan on it.

Me: So will I. Thank you, I love you. Hope your day goes well.

Mibes: I love you more.

Me: I love that you love more because that’s more for both of us.

Mibes: OK. (rolling eyes)

Me: Tomorrow. Thanksgiving. See you then.

(another long embrace)

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