Saturday, December 27, 2014

Breakfast in the Casto - A Place in My Heart

Mibes: Well you survived yet another Christmas, congratulations!

Me: You're so cynical. I didn't survive, I thrived. It's my favorite time of the year. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Mibes: Stop with the Andy Williams lyrics. I remember when you said you prefer Thanksgiving. You can't have two first places.

Me: If two holidays cross the finish line at the same time you can.

Mibes: But the truth is what?

Me: The truth is that I enjoy some parts of the holidays more than others.

Mibes: And?

Me: I love some of the lights, some of the music and the focus on giving. It's a season of increased hope. Of some welcome moments of peace and perspective.

Mibes: But some of the music and spending drives you nuts.

Me: Only if I let it all get to me.

Mibes: So how much did it get to you this year?

Me: Not as much as some other years.

Mibes: What made the difference?

Me: I tried to live more in the moment.

Mibes: How did that go?

Me: There were some great moments. Like watching the snow fall. Or seeing the twinkle in someone's eyes.

Mibes: You don't need Christmas for that.

Me: No. But I think one of the things I learned again this year is to look for the moments. I don't intend to stop that just because December 25 is over.

Mibes: Anything else?

Me: Yes. Some lyrics.

Mibes: A favorite song?

Me: Not really until this year. But something really got to me about The Star Carol this year.

Mibes: "Dear baby Jesus how tiny thou art. I'll make a place for thee in my heart."

Me: How did you know?

Mibes: I do know you.

Me: So how was your celebration? How was the open house?

Mibes: Delicious, festive. And I did get to wish an old friend Merry Christmas.

Me: Sounds like some good moments for you, too.

Mibes: Several. But it was strange, too.

Me: Why's that?

Mibes: His reply to me was "Merry merry, to you."

Me: That doesn't sound too strange to me. Sounds like he returned your greeting.

Mibes: It wasn't in the words but the way he said it. Perfunctory. His heart wasn't in it.

Me: But your heart was. That counts.

Mibes: It does. And there were other moments. Moments like yours. Things to remember and treasure.

Me: (hugging him) I love you, Mibes. Christmastime, anytime. Winter, summer, spring, fall.

Mibes: You're such a romantic.

Me: As are you.

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