Monday, December 1, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - A Single Kind Word

Mibes: (smiles as I approach and we hug without any words)

Me: Thanks for meeting with me. Thanks for all the meetings over the Thanksgiving break.

Mibes: You sound like you’re saying goodbye.

Me: No, just grateful.

Mibes: How are you?

Me: Happy and healthy at the moment, thanks! You?

Mibes: Alive and well. Glad to see you. Always glad to see you. I thought of you last night when I read this Chinese proverb: A single kind word keeps one warm for three winters.

Me: You thought I needed to be more kind?

Mibes: (laughter) No. I thought how your kind words to me have kept me warm lately.

Me: Oh Mibes. Well thanks. Thank you. I’ve kind of thought it was the other way around. That your kindness-- that that’s what’s keeping me warm.

Mibes: Probably all of the above. The whole synergy thing.

Me: (silence, just looking him in the eye)

Mibes: (enjoying the silence) I like listening to you when you’re not talking.

Me: Tell me more.

Mibes: You seem much more intelligent when you’re not always talking. 

Me: Much more intelligent? Not always talking? What are you saying now, Mibes?

Mibes: I’m just saying I appreciated the pause. Seems to me like the communication didn’t stop, just the words.

Me: Did you hear music?

Mibes: No. But it was music to my ears.

Me: (hugging Mibes) Love you, Mibes.

Mibes: Love you. Love your love. Love your pauses and your words. Not get out of here. I don’t want you saying I made you late for work. 


  1. May I ask if Miles is a real person? Or, are these conversations well thought out "dreams and hopes"? Either way, I have been immensely enjoying these posts. I had a love one upon an eon ago where we had conversations, and connections, similar to what you have been writing. These actually have made me quite homesick for her, in a good way, though. As always, thank you for sharing. Love, always!

  2. Mibes, not Miles... Spell check... Arrrrrrrrggggggg...

  3. Thanks, Duck. I loved your Thanksgiving thoughts. I'll ask Mibes how real he next time I see him. It will be fun to see he reaction. Whether he's admits to being real or not, I suspect he'll be delighted that you've enjoyed his words. I know I'm delighted that you have. Much love back at you!

  4. My fingers don't have spell check, but they do have a mind of their own. Sorry for the typos.