Saturday, December 6, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - Doubt and Understanding

Mibes: Great to see you on a Saturday. What brings you here?
Me: I’ve agreed to meet a friend. And you?
Mibes: The same. But you know if he doesn’t show, I’d be happy to talk with you.
Me: (hugging Mibes) You think you’re so funny.
Mibes: I’m just trying to help you graduate from a smile to laughter.
Me: (forcing some laughter) hahahaha! How’s that.
Mibes: You could do better, but it’s a start.
Me: I have read somewhere that your body can’t really tell fake laughter from the real thing. It’s still good for you.
Mibes: But the real thing is better for the brain, the person, the soul.

Me: No doubt.

Mibes: Speaking of doubt, I found a great saying on doubt and understanding.

Me: Yet another Chinese proverb?

Mibes: How did you guess.

Me: (waiting for Mibes to find it on his phone)

Mibes: With great doubts comes great  understanding, with small doubts little understanding.

Me: I like that.

Mibes: I thought you would. I think you’ll also like this. (hugs me)

Me: Love you Mibes.

Mibes: I love you. Doubts and all.

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