Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Breakfast in the Castro - Mr. Bearded Blue Eyes

Mibes: Good morning, how was your trip? How are you?

(We embrace, longer than usual, both enjoying the moment.)

Me: Good morning, Mibes! Trip was OK, I'm OK, but I've missed you so. How are you?

Mibes: Healthy and strong. But not as happy when you're out of town.

Me: Aw Mibes, you make me melt. I'm glad you're feeling strong and healthy. And I'm glad you missed me. Not that you've been unhappy, but its nice to know that when I'm gone, someone cares, that you're glad to see me when I get back.

Mibes: You've sometimes returned home and haven't been welcomed?

Me: Some of my loved-ones aren't exactly of the hugging variety. 

Mibes: But they do say they've missed you, that they're glad you've returned?

Me: Sometimes.

Mibes: And sometimes not?

Me: Sometimes.

Mibes: Well just remember that of all the 7.2 billion people on this planet, you've got a permanent place in my heart. I'm always going to miss you when you're gone. I'm always going to give you a hug. 

Me: I know I'm not your one-and-only, but I'm glad to be one-of-the-ones you love.

Mibes: Always. But you are the one-and-only you.

Me: And you are the one-and-only Mibes.

Mibes: No other two people could have the same relationship because they can't bring the same things to the friendship. They're not up for breakfast in the Castro like we are. They're eating a breakfast bar, if that. 

Me: I'm glad I'm not eating a breakfast bar. 

Mibes: I'm glad you're glad. I'm glad to see you. I'm glad to see you smiling.

Me: It feels so good just to be with you. I met someone on the trip who reminded me of you. Not physically. He was shorter, stalkier, bearded, balding, intense blue eyes. 

Mibes: That's not me at all. 

Me: But the conversation was easy, friendly, natural. 

Mibes: Some of my best qualities. Even if I have brown eyes.

Me: I love your eyes.

Mibes: And I love that you notice eyes. Whether they're mine or Mr. Bearded Blue Eyes, you notice. You're aware, you're appreciative.

Me: I've got to get to work.

Mibes: Me, too.

Me: I love you, Mibes. 

Mibes: I love being loved. I love you. I love it when you've been gone and I've been blue, because then you return and we talk just like we always have. 

(We hug, again a bit longer than usual.)

Mibes: Thanks, I needed that.

Me: Same here. Enjoy your day.

Mibes: You, too.

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