Saturday, October 17, 2009

He loves his damned old rodeo

He rode of out of camp just after sunrise, saying I'll see you this afternoon. Just before 3:00 he kept his promise. I offered him a stale cookie, poured him a cup of water and asked him to sit down. He gulped a couple of swallows, didn't eat the cookie and didn't sit down.

Then he told me that I'm not alone. That we're brothers, that I could just relax and smile. "After all it's Friday. What you gotta worry about?"

We bowed our heads. He didn't feel like praying so I did--thanking God for our families, our friendships, and asking for more good weather before the snow flies.

He took another gulp but left some water behind in the cup. We hugged goodbye, then he grabbed that stale cookie and rode away.