Monday, November 30, 2009

Are you feeling SAD?

One of our fellow bloggers has written how I sometimes feel at this time of year, "I'm tired and grumpy." In response, I wrote the following and decided to cross post it here:

As far as feeling in a gray zone, that is typical
for many people as we get into the darkest time of the year. Take a look at this article on SAD. My winter routine is to try to get outdoors for a few minutes on my lunch hour when the sun is shining. Exercise also helps. I know your mileage may vary. No matter the cause, feeling gray or disconnected is hard--be it at Christmastime or the 4th of July. Fortunately we live in an age when many positive options are available to take advantage of. What options do you see that might help?"

What do you my reader(s) say? Any other ideas to carry this discussion forward?


  1. I definitely experience seasonal depression during the winter months - even though I live in a sunny state that doesn't have as much of a "winter" as Utah and other places.

    Personally, I think there is more than lack of sunshine involved. For me, I am more limited in my activities during the winter months. For example, I like to work out in the garden - but the garden is pretty much shut down now for the winter - I'll have to wait for spring before I can plant new vegetables.

  2. I've been slammed by SAD this year. I didn't realize why I was so sleepy and crabby- just thought it was yet another charming personality trait making itself known. I bought a blulight last year that helps a *little* bit, I take my b complex, fish oil and iron pills, I stay away from caffeine and cut back on sugar and refined carbs, I run 15-20 miles a week when it isn't raining, and I am still training myself to be brave enough to turn away negative thought processes. I'm so tempted to go back to popping a pill. Just writing this is making me tired! All I want to do in the winter is lay in bed in my pajamas and eat cookies. Someday when the kids are grown maybe I'll be able to truly hibernate. Something to aim for.

  3. I'm not affected at all. I love winter! Though it makes me want to cuddle and hybernate under the covers more, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I try to exercise and hike the mountain - especially in fresh snow.

  4. ABE: Do you do any indoor gardening? If so do you have any tips on keeping Rosemary alive?

    MTM: Sorry your response made you tired, but thanks for sharing all you're doing to fight the good fight. I'm on meds and consider them to be a life saver, but I also agree that diet, exercise and especially disciplined thinking are essential.

    BECK: When I saw your unusual spelling of "hybernate" I thought, at first glance, you'd said "hybermate" -- lol !

  5. I used to be affected by SAD. I would be driving to school and be depressed until the sunlight touched me. Then in the past year I have gained a lot of sunshine inside my soul and so I can walk to work and notice the crowds of people with their eyes downcast as I hold my head up high. Music definitely helps!