Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celebrating the Sabbath

Monday mornings are hard to face,
Tuesday lunch can bring disgrace,
Wednesday night can move too slow
Thursday I'll be on the go
Friday will be loving and giving,
Saturday I'll celebrate living,
But the hours I spend on the Sabbath day
will be warm and bright and good and gay.

Some of us attend services of various types on Sundays. Some of us renew our spirits in other ways. I'm curious what readers of this blog do on Sundays and how you feel about it. I'm in church usually for at least an hour, often for two and sometimes for three. I almost always feel uplifted when I go to church, but just as I sometimes need a break from work, sometimes it's great to need to attend another ward for a blessing, or a farewell or homecoming. And sometimes it's nice to just take my own sabbatical from the sabbath. How about you?


  1. The Sabbath rescues me.

    The Sabbath restores me.

    The Sabbath reminds me of who I really am, of my potential.

    The Sabbath creates connections and bonds of love rarely felt elsewhere.

    The Sabbath allows me to focus on things other than work and daily concerns.

    The Sabbath brings peace.

  2. Another week!

    Happy Sabbath, my friend!