Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Question about homosexuality removed from church site

A week or so ago, this question was available to be answered when you filled out a member profile at the mormon dot org web site:

"What is the Church’s attitude on homosexuality? Why is homosexuality and same-sex marriage important to the Mormon Church?"

Today it is no longer on the site. Here are some ideas to explain why it was removed:

  • It's just a technical glitch.
  • The technicians who run the web site just wanted to have some fun.
  • The church received so many replies that it no longer needs that question answered.
  • The a mid-level bureaucrat made the decision.
  • A general authority made a phone call and the question was immediately removed.
  • Someone noticed that the question contains a grammatical error.
Why do you think the question was removed?


  1. When I checked the FAQ's it is still there, but with my browser the whole site is messed up tonight. I vote technical difficulties. The three profiles of LGBT members I turned up talked openly about their sexuality albeit in other questions. I see nothing suggesting censorship.

  2. Do a search, and it's still there. Sadly.