Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Wishes for You

May you find beauty in the cold of winter
warmth in the glow of friendship and family
peace in your faith
satisfaction in sociality and solitude

May you rejoice in the laughter of children
and the elderly
and everyone else in between

May you discover delightful things
about yourself and others

May you enjoy good health,
mentally, physically, spiritually
and in all other ways
and may you help other
attain such health and well-being

May you face challenges 
that will help you and others grow
But may you also grow as easily 
as a blade of grass on warms spring day

May you be blessed with the 
knowledge that your life
makes the world better 
for those you serve, those you love
and those who love you
past, present and future

May you glimpse the truth 
that there are those you know
and those you don't know 
who care deeply about you
Who thank God that 
you are who you are 

May you thank God 
and our Savior for who you 
are and your life, your blessings
your challenges

If there is within your
Soul a child who
is born with no place
to call home, may you 
welcome that child
feed and clothe and 
nurture him


  1. Dear Ned:

    May you find:
    strength to face

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm slow in getting back to you dear Beck, but I give you an properly aged thank you from the end of our first week of the New Year. Thanks also for reflecting back at me something simple and wonderful. You have a certain way with structure and strength. Thanks for sharing it with me and so many others. You truly do make the world a better place, one pencil mark, one keystroke, one vision, one hug at a time.