Monday, April 11, 2011

Remembering My Mom

Vic wrote about his mother and invited his readers to do the same. I took the bait. Thanks Vic for writing about your mom and for giving me permission to write about and try once again to sort through my mixed feelings for the woman who, along with my father, gave me life.

The woman who fed, loved, clothed, protected, suffocated, enraged, humiliated, funded, manipulated, nurtured, plotted, prodded, pleaded, hushed, screamed, sulked, drank, lied, laughed, washed, ironed, taught, shopped, sewed, painted, baked, welcomed, whispered, invested, persisted, pleased, delighted, dazzled, drugged, entertained, enabled, soothed, comforted, calmed, reassured, remembered, forgot, refined, accepted, congratulated and within the past year showed me one way to die with relative dignity.

In my birth and in her death we were close. There were bleak and dark times in our shared decades, but much illumination too. Well that's about all I can handle now, but it is a start. Thank you for the prompt to remember one of the women I have loved and will always love.


  1. Beautiful. I lost my mom back in 2002. She and I were both way too young for her to have departed this life. So many of the words you used described my mother and our relationship.

    To quote from the eulogy that my oldest brother delivered at her funeral: "To have known and understood that she loved us and was proud of us and always wanted the very best for us. That knowledge is the single most precious and important gift a child could have received from a mother."

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your mom, which triggered my thoughts about mine.

  2. How well I share your sentiments.

    Big hugs!

  3. Thank you, both of you, for commenting. I hope that on this upcoming Mother's Day, our memories of and lessons learned from our Moms and their lives will comfort and sustain us.