Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Limerick for Duck

A writer named Duck has a blog
That helps me see out of the fog
Because she is kind
Some peace I can find
Some days are then less of a slog

Thanks to Duck and Beck for comments on my earlier post of a video about "some of my experiences growing up, dating, coming out, dealing with depression, averting suicide and trying to put it all in perspective." 

Both Duck and Beck's comments had the feeling of a big hug. Then I got this feedback on Facebook that also took the form of an embrace:

 (((((((((((Ned)))))))))) THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. I was so moved. I can't even tell you. 
It's true that sometimes we can't put into words what we're feeling. Which is kind of what I feel now. Happy July 4th.


  1. There is this guy named Ned,
    whose Limerick I recently read,
    As always, he was generous and kind,
    His words, well, they blew my mind,
    I thank him truly for what he said.

    Sending cyber and real hugs. :)

    And, happy July 4th to you, too.

    Love and respect, always. Duck

  2. Thanks, Duck, for a laugh, a smile and hugs--all just in time for fireworks.