Monday, December 8, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - Sleep

Me: Good Monday morning, Mibes! It’s not like you to be late.
Mibes: (gives me a hug) Good morning! I’m sorry, lost track of the time.
Me: No worries. I knew you wouldn’t be long.
Mibes: Thanks for your patience. Glad you're here. How’d you sleep?
Me: Pretty well. I was tired last night and got to bed early for me. I bet I was asleep by 10:30. And you?
Mibes: I’ve also been trying to get more sleep by going to bed earlier. Have you seen the news about sleep deprivation in the United States?
Me: Yes, that we’re a whole nation in need of better sleep. And that sometimes people who are drunk can outperform someone who hasn’t had enough sleep.
Mibes: What I read said you should say away from phones and TV before bed because the blue light from the screens is read by your brain as sunlight.
Me: I should experiment with that. Try to compare my regular routine which usually includes some screen time with no electronics before bed. Or maybe only music.
Mibes: I hope the week goes well for you. All the days and all the nights.
Me: I wish the same for you Mibes. Hope you’re successful in retiring to be early so you’re not weary and arising early so your body and mind may be invigorated.
Mibes: D&C 88:124 I take it?
Me: Yeah, I was reading it before you showed up.
Mibes: And I was late because I was reading Chinese proverbs this morning before I left the house and I lost track of the time for a few minutes.
Me: Find anything good?
Mibes: I liked this one: “One family builds a wall, two families enjoy it.”
Me: I guess it could also be that one family tears down a wall and two families enjoy it. Depending of course on the wall and the families.
Me: Sounds like you’ve had some personal experience with that.
Mibes: Just observation.
Me: Love you Mibes! (giving him a hug)

Mibes: Love you more.

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