Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Breakfast in the Castro - Small Changes

Mibes: Good morning! (hugs me)
Me: Good morning. Thanks for your hug this morning and for all your hugs for that matter.
Mibes: Thanks for hugging me back. As you well know some hugs are pretty one sided. But not yours.
Me: Aw thanks. When you get a great hug it’s easy to give one.
Mibes: So how are you on this fine Tuesday morning in December?
Me: Better than I expected to be. Thanks, and you?
Mibes: Healthy and strong and happy to be here, thanks, and curious.
Me: Curious?
Mibes: About what you just said about being better than you expected to be.
Me: I’m feeling a little more energy, a little more organized, a bit more optimistic. Just little things.
Mibes: Wow, whatever you’ve got it must be contagious, because I’m feeling some of that optimism and energy right now.
Me: Glad to hear it. I’ve always liked the idea that great good can come from small things.
Mibes: Days and decades are built with moments and minutes.
Me: You’re mocking me now, aren’t you?
Mibes: Not at all. I love you. I love the way your mind works. And especially the part about being a bit more organized.
Me: Thanks, Mibes. I love you, too. But what do you mean “the part about being a bit more organized,”
Mibes: Just seems to me that if you’re wanting to build anything, big or small, you’re doing it with smaller bits and pieces. So if you have those pieces better organized, and your mind clearer about what you want, you’ll have an easier go of it.
Me: I agree.
Mibes: It's yet another thing we agree upon. 
Me: (Hugging Mibes) And we also agree on the value of hugs.
Mibes: Yes we do.

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